Your Story is Important

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Your descendants will be grateful that you took the time to write your life story.

By Maureen Santini © Copyright 2017-2019. All Rights Reserved.

Ordinary people – those who are not famous – may think they can’t write or that their lives are not worth preserving on paper. This website is for all of you.

A simple illustration: if your parents or grandparents passed away without writing down their memories and the basic facts of their lives, I bet you would give anything to go back in time and ask them questions about their lives and times and encourage them to write it all down.

Your children and grandchildren – not to mention future generations – are in the same position. It may not have occurred to them yet to ask you to write about your life and family, but you know they will be extremely grateful to have a book of family history and memories to cherish for all time.

The Decade-by-Decade Method 

The decade-by-decade method is a simple way to write your life story.  A factual, straightforward approach suits everyone, whether they think they can write or not. Whether you’ve ever thought of yourself as a writer, for purposes of this method, you CAN write your life story.

The aim of this website is to guide you every step of the way with posts suggesting topics to consider writing about in each decade of your life. Once you start writing the process becomes nearly effortless.

Follow Our Simple Template

We’ll follow a basic template. For each decade you’ll be prompted to write about a series of topics such as school, sports, religion, family life, events, parties, games, pets, clothes, movies, health, hobbies, music. You’ll write about relationships with siblings, friends and others who were influential in your life along with your thoughts and aspirations. You’ll note inventions and national and world events that had an impact on your life.

Going through your life decade by decade is a relatively simple way to capture a lot of information. If you’ve lived five decades so far, for instance, you could draft a manuscript in short order by writing about a new decade every week. The pages will add up quickly. You’ll be amazed at how much you have to say.

In the weeks ahead we will write detailed posts about each decade, including lists of specific questions and topics to jog your memory. Check the website regularly or sign up for email delivery of the latest posts.

Join us in this rewarding journey. Your life matters. Your story is important.

Start writing today about your first decade. Still not convinced? Read why your life story is your legacy

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