Your Sixth Decade – Ages 50-59

Two men talk and laugh while sitting on a bench in a park.

Write your life story for posterity as if you are chatting with an old friend.

By Maureen Santini © Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved.

Begin writing about your sixth decade, ages 50 through 59, with the year of your fiftieth birthday. If you were born in 1950, for example, your sixth decade began in 2000.

For those who are new to this website, consult previous posts for the case for writing your life story for posterity. 

For those tackling their sixth decade, below are examples of the types of information you may want to include in this portion of your story. Since this is your life story, however, review the events of this decade in your life and add any categories of information that are personally relevant.  

If you’ve adopted the following approach in previous years, apply it to this decade: describe your general situation at the beginning of your fifties and again at the end. If the difference is noteworthy you’ll want to explain your changing circumstances in detail.

Given the reality that society is undergoing a rapid shift in occupations and lifestyles, write down as many details as possible about your routine, your lifestyle and your job. Consider yourself a historian of your own life but also of a way of life.


As in previous decades, list the addresses of your residences during this decade. Write down the names of others in your household and their relationship to you. Name places you attended frequently, such as churches, schools, restaurants, parks, clubs, and libraries. Mention teams, clubs, and organizations you belonged to.


Describe major events/activities involving you and your spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, and/or grandparents. Detail family rituals pertaining to holidays, birthdays, vacations, other occasions as well as ordinary days.


List and describe the main relationships in your life during this decade. Note major changes such as births, deaths, weddings, divorces, and major moves.


Describe in detail the jobs you held during this decade. Write down the names and addresses of the companies or organizations along with the names of your bosses. Describe the skills and duties involved in carrying out your work.

Hobbies and Interests

Describe your main skills, hobbies, and interests. Did they differ from your interests during previous decades? Did you take up new interests as you aged? Mention interests you practiced or followed regularly such as fashion, food, television programs, card games, music, art, movies, books, sports, exercise, outdoor activities, coaching, crafts, travel, and volunteering.

Health and Welfare

Describe the state of your physical, mental and emotional health during this decade. Write down the details of your health history including major medical events as well as your approach to exercise and nutrition.

Current Events

If you lived through major events, describe the experience. Characterize the political environment of the times and your positions on issues. How did current events in your community, state, nation and/or the world impact your opinions, family and daily life?

Future Outlook

Describe the expectations you had for your life and family at the start of the decade and whether they materialized or changed during the decade.


Consider these questions a general guide. To capture the essence of your life and lifestyle, add information about any topic, person, place or event that was central to your life during this time.

When you complete this decade, move on to your seventh decade, ages 60 to 69. If you have not yet reached your sixties, turn to summing up and reviewing your life. You can always add to the summary after completing additional decades. 

We hope you are benefiting from this process. Tell others about your writing experience in the “comments” section on this website. Please share these posts to encourage others to write their stories.

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