Your Ninth Decade & Beyond – Ages 80+

Older man and woman sitting outdoors each holding a young child. At this point you're ready to write about the ninth and tenth decades of your life.

The number of older people is growing rapidly. Write about how you spent your eighties and nineties.

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At this point you’re ready to write about the ninth and tenth decades of your life.

Your ninth decade, ages 80 through 89, begins with the year of your eightieth birthday. If you were born in 1930, for example, your ninth decade began in 2010.

Your tenth decade, ages 90 through 99, begins with the year of your ninetieth birthday. If you were born in 1920 your tenth decade began in 2010.

For the sake of convenience, all ages after 80 are addressed in this post. You can choose whether to write about these decades separately or together. At this point, there is no need to wait until the end of a decade to write your thoughts and experiences.   

As in previous decades, record basic factual information in the categories below. Then write about anything else that was important to you during this time – people, places, events, ideas, politics, lessons learned, and changes in your life, your community, and in the world.

If you’ve been writing your life story in conjunction with these decade-by-decade posts, you already know that the basic categories of information are similar each decade. What changes from decade to decade – often drastically – is your lifestyle, your experiences, your beliefs, your activities, your health, your outlook, and your relationships. An easy way to jog your memory is to mentally reconstruct the highlights of each year in each category.


  • List the addresses of the places you lived during these years.
  • Add the names of others in your household and their relationship to you.
  • Note the people and places you visited frequently, such as relatives, churches, and restaurants.  


Describe the main relationships in your life during these years. Identify friends and family members you spent the most time with and the activities you engaged in most often.


Describe your lifestyle, including your daily routine. Write down your main hobbies and interests such as television programs, movies, books, eating out, walking, sports, crafts, and card games. Did you take up any new activities or drop any old activities?

Write about the high points, low points and turning points of the decade.

Health and Welfare

Physical, mental and emotional challenges occur to many of us. Detail the ways in which you personally met such challenges or helped close friends and family members deal with such challenges.

  • Write down the names of your medical professionals.
  • Specify dates and places of major medical events, such as operations.
  • Describe the overall state of your health. 
  • Assess total health – mind, body, and spirit – during each decade.

Current Events

Describe the political and social environment of the decade and your positions on issues.

Explain the ways in which your opinions and beliefs evolved or stayed the same throughout the decade.

Identify the causes and organizations that most represented your beliefs and passions.  

Final Thoughts

Add information about any person, place, event or idea that was meaningful to you during this time.

Write down your thoughts about major changes that occurred in your life and/or during your lifetime.


Congratulations on getting this far. You have two additional topics to write about: summing up your life story and writing about your family history

We hope you are enjoying this process. Comments on the website are appreciated. Please share these posts to encourage others to write their stories.

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