Your Eighth Decade – Ages 70-79

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People in their seventies often have varied priorities such as working, pursuing their bucket lists, and reconnecting with friends.

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Your eighth decade, ages 70 through 79, begins with the year of your seventieth birthday. If you were born in 1940, for example, your eighth decade began in 2010.

For many, the eighth decade represents a turning point in terms of lifestyle, activities, outlook – and even happiness.

AARP says many people in their seventies are happier than ever, often still healthy, and enjoying retirement activities and friendship.  

Research shows that some people, as they age, turn their attention to matters such as health, longevity, and life review. Others are immersed in multi-generational family caretaking, earning a living whether full-time or part-time, traveling, or pursuing items on their “bucket list.”

Writing about this decade is an opportunity to share details about your daily routine as well as your perspective on the process of aging. 


As in previous decades, write down the basics, such as the addresses of all of your residences and the names of others in your household. Record the names of places that you frequented, such as churches and restaurants.

Family and Friends

Describe your social life, such as activities with friends and family members. Name the people you spent the most time with. Talk about the activities and interests you pursued.

Health and Welfare

Describe the state of your physical, mental and emotional health during this decade. Compare it with the previous decade. Write down your health history including medical events.


Describe the social and/or political environment, if relevant, as well as issues and causes that you followed with interest. Write about your perspective on your life and the world. Pass along your wisdom in the form of advice to your younger self or to others.   


Feel free to improvise as you see fit. Add information about an issue, person or event that was meaningful to you during this time.

Next up: your ninth and tenth decades. If you haven’t reached these milestones yet, skip ahead to summing up

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